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What is Wisdo?

Wisdo is a breakthrough Social Health platform that builds up self esteem and a sense of belonging by connecting you with people who’ve been in your shoes and can help within 10 seconds. Ready to feel better ab

What should I do on Wisdo, once I've joined?

Here are some options:  1. Chat with your Helper. Explain what brings you to Wisdo and make a friend for life. 2. Go to Wisdo's homepage and start connecting to your "Suggested Connections". They are suggested

Do people use Wisdo for a specific question or for longer periods of time?

We have Wisdo community members who have been with us for years. Being human means facing sudden and stress creating life experiences. Most of them can be better coped with by leaning on helpful people who've "

Why is there a subscription?

Wisdo has chosen to stay away from trafficking in user data, like so many of the “free” social apps out there. Instead, we are offering a totally free, no-ad, basic experience with an opportunity to unlock all

What are Wisdo's Terms Of Use?

You will find all of them here: https://wisdo.com/terms

Do I need to be of a certain age, to use Wisdo?

Yes, we are an app for those 17+.

Do I have to pay for Coaching sessions?

Unless you have received Wisdo as a special offering from a company or service, then yes: 1:1 coaching sessions require an additional layer of payment. The recommended price of a session is $125 but Coaches hav

How do I edit my profile?

Go to your profile and click the three dots to the right of the different parts of your profile to change any of your information. To change your profile picture or name, click the little pencil at the top of t

What does the list of Communities in my profile mean?

As you join any Group on Wisdo, you will be invited to click through a Been There / There Now questionnaire, so we can contact you to the right people at the right time. Every such Been There/ There Now clickth

Can I be anonymous on Wisdo?

Yes you can. Just change the name you have on your profile to any chosen alias or name.

How do I change my profile picture or username?

Go to your profile and click the three dots to the right of the different parts of your profile to change any of your information. To change your profile picture or name, click the little pencil at the top of t

Can I change my email?

Unfortunately you can not change your email at this time. But you can write to us at wearewisdo@wisdo.com and we will help.

How do I upload an image or a video?

If you have an iphone, you can upload a picture that will be approved by our team. As of right now the Android user can not, but we are working on that!

How do I delete my account?

Go to your profile and click on the gear in the top right corner. Scroll down and click where it says 'Delete Account'. We will be sorry to see you leave.

Can I access Wisdo just from my phone or can I also access it through my computer?

You can do both. To explore Wisdo's web app, that can also be accessed with a desktop computer, go here: https://wisdo.com/communities

How do I share my story?

Start by filling the various fields in your profile, which can inform others about what brought you to Wisdo. Then, go into any one of your Groups and say hi to thousands who have walked in your shoes.

How do I block a user?

In order to block someone you haven't previously connected with you need to click Connect from their profile. You can then press the 3 dots at the top right and the option to block will be there. If you have pr

Can I delete a post?

You can not delete your own post, but a Guide or a Supervisor can for you. Reach out to a Guide or to a Wisdo Supervisor 😃 

Why was my image or video post deleted?

The image may have contained unacceptable imagery including but exclusive to images of children, indecent selfies, images of an explicit nature and more. Any queries/concerns can be addressed with Momma Bear th

How do I connect with someone new?

If you want to connect to someone to talk to immediately, you can use the instant chat feature that is available to all users. Simply press on the (⚡️) icon which can be found as the central icon at the bottom

As a Wisdo member, Helper or Guide - Can I offer medical information or advice?

NO, under any circumstance.  Wisdo is a place in which people can connect with those who have been there. We are here to connect, to guide the conversation along, to help people feel safe and protected. If som

Can I open my own Subgroup?

Yes you can. On the bottom left of the screen click the Wisdo icon. This will send you to the Wisdo Homepage. Then click "Join A Community" and scroll all the way down. Finally, click "Subcommunities" and then

Where do I find the communities I can join?

Click the W at the bottom of the main screen to see all the communities you have already joined. To join new communities click where it says 'Join a Community' which is on the main screen too.

Can I still ask for help, if I have been made a Helper?

Of course! Helpers are a strong part of our community but they are also members.

How do I become a Helper or a Guide?

Helpers enrol to become Helpers through their profile. You can do that too! once you are enrolled, you will be matched with a Lead Helper who will mentor you and approve your role. To learn more, you can write

What is a Wisdo Coach?

Coaches are certified professionals who are selected to: A. Run weekly sessions to people automatically “booked” to their Group B. Take on users who are interested in 1:1 coaching sessions

What if I do not want to connect with someone?

It's entirely your prerogative to decide whom you want to connect to, and whom you prefer not to engage with.

How can I report a user?

Go to that members' profile and click the 3 dots at the top. You will then have the option to report that user. If you are in a post and want to report a particular comment, press and hold on the comment and th

How safe is this app?

Very: less than 0.25% are banned each month, which is the most extreme form of moderation taken by our community members. All communities are moderated by Guides and Supervisors to help ensure the safety and we

If I feel unsafe or uncomfortable, who can I turn to?

Wisdo offers a wide range of go-to's when you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. You can reach out to any of the Wisdo Guides at any point as well as to Wisdo's Supervisor Momma Bear who is a Wisdo staff member and

What is a Wisdo Helper?

A Wisdo Helper is an especially helpful and supportive Wisdo member who has stepped up to help new members who have been through similar life events.Wisdo Helpers are your peers - they cannot offer professional

What is a Wisdo Guide?

A Wisdo Guide is an especially helpful and supportive Wisdo member who has stepped up to help guide online peer conversations along, while providing safety and support. Wisdo Guides also join an exceptional gr

Can I become a Wisdo Coach?

To become a Wisdo Coach you will have to present proof of three years of experience at least in professional coaching, and necessary certification. If you meet this criteria feel free to reach out to us at wear

Is there a promotion code for Wisdo or even free access?

Yes, but only if you've been referred to Wisdo by your employer, insurance company or another sponsor. Also, once in a while, Wisdo launches special projects to help specific populations that are struggling. In

If my membership is sponsored by Humana, are there specific terms and conditions that pertain to me?

Yes!If you've been invited to Wisdo by an employer, insurance company or another sponsoring partner the terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy, has been tailored to this use case. You can find the

Is there a Search function on Wisdo?

Ofcourse!On the top right corner of your smartphone screen, you will find a search icon. Just click on it anytime to find what, and whom, you are looking for.Remember: you are not alone in your journey!

How do I join Wisdo?

Our onboarding couldn't be easier. Just choose the community you'd like to start with, then let us know what you've been "there through" and where you "are now".Finally, choose up to 3 Goals you'd live to achie

How to move from a group to private messages?

If you wish to have one-on-one conversation with another Wisdo user or to check the messages you have received, you can use the private message feature.There are two ways to do so, depending on your phone's ope

How to move from private messages to a group?

If you wish to move from your private messaging tab to a specific community, simply press the chat bubble icon  at the bottom bar of you Wisdo app. You will then see the communities tab where you can select the

How do I access my private messages?

Once you are on the mail screen of Wisdo's app, all you have to do is tap the envelope icon  on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.You will then see the main tab of your private messages where all your rec

How do I use the “reply” button?

On Wisdo, there are several options to reply to messages either with text or with an emoji. It may be a reply to private messages you received from another user or on group messages- to posts.To reply on group

Why are Coaching Sessions beneficial?

In addition to 1:1 and 1:group peer support with Helpers and Guides Wisdo also offers 1:1 and 1:group coaching sessions opportunities. - Who are the Wisdo Coaches? Trained and certified Coaches who are experts